Creating Bootable Linux USB

There are many tools to easily create a bootable USB drive using a Linux Operating system image, You can easily grab a  particular Linux operating system’s ISO or IMG image file and using a USB tool it’s easy to make a USB that boots that Linux Operating system.


  1. Linux Operating system image.
  2. A USB tool
  3. Patience (Optional)


This is the lightweight and ultimate lightweight tool that lets you make bootable USB from any Linux’s ISO image file. Which is only 1 or 2 MB, you do not need to install this tool on your computer. You have to download it directly from its official website and copy it to your computer and double-click it to open it. This tool is a portable tool when you open this tool, you get an option from which you can select the image file of any Linux operating system and make bootable USB according to your computer hard disk. As far as the hard disk partition is concerned, there may be two types of hard disk partitions. First, the GPT, which can be seen on the new computer hard disk, can be seen secondarily, the MBR partition is found in the old computer. You get this information by selecting the disk in the Junk Disk management in System Device Manager.

Rufus Website.

Linux Live Media Creator

This is another very popular tool that allows you to create a bootable USB by using many Linux operating system image files and boot up your Linux on your computer. Supposing wide range of Lennox operating systems it supports a wide range of Linux operating system, for example, you can create bootable USB sticks with persistence partition so all the operating systme data and sessions won’t wipe when you reboot.

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