10 Best Linux Distro you should install on your computer

UBUNTU is the default mascot




This windows 10 look-alike Linux OS has many die heart fans all around the world. It has the Windows 7 era-look-alike start menu with the transparent taskbar and somewhat that reminds me of Chrome OS design. Techradar stated that it can provide nice useable experience for users coming from Windows and MAC.

The start bar can be placed in bottom just like Windows or docked at bottom like we see on MAC, moreover you can toggle it to left and right side (like Ubutnu has) so it let users to choose a proofread design.

The virtual desktop like feature is also took place and it’s quite smooth to switch between apps and programs.

Apps and software: The Zorin os Ultimate edition is arguably larger in size but comes with pre-installed games and applications such as Libreoffice and Super Tux Car. The MIXXX and audacity software is for creative people who work with music and sounds. Builder is a nice environment for developers.

In entertainment department KODI and VLC are also pre-installed in the ultimate edition so you don’t have to install them separately. It is not possible to list all the bundled app here, so you must check the official website for more information.

Zorin OS has several edition, in which the lite and core edition are free, the ultimate edition bundles extra software and around 20 games to play with a cost of €19, which is considerable when you are getting a Linux distribution this much tuned up.

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